About me

Hello, my name is Dorian and I can build you a website or a web app, whichever you need. (psst - contact info at the bottom)

I build personal and business websites, blogs, web games and applications, libraries, plugins etc.

-- Stack --

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

● JavaScript / jQuery / AlpineJS
● Tailwind / MaterializeCSS

-- Can work with --

● Python / Django
● NodeJS / Express
● C++, C#
● Firebase

-- About me --

I am years old, currently residing in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I graduated high school in Duga Resa with the title Web Designer with excellent mark in 2016.

My hobbies are calisthenics and handbalancing. I also enjoy reading and learning about science.

Check my Github below to see the projects I've worked on.

Fun fact? I uhhhh...don't own a pair of jeans....and a jacket. Yeah.


My work

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Momentum Studio

Momentum Studio - Homepage header Momentum Studio - Homepage footer Momentum Studio - Projects page Momentum Studio - Multimedia page Momentum Studio - Reels page Momentum Studio - Navigation Momentum Studio - Homepage news carousel

Momentum studio is a VFX company settled in Zagreb, Croatia. It offers high-end VFX, mixed media and broadcast design to the international film and television industry.

Technologies used:

  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Type Me

Type Me header Type Me properties

TypeMe.js is a JavaScript plugin which animates the effect of typing a sentence as if it were typed by a person. Select the element, or elements, which you wish to animate typing on, pass the array of strings you want typed out, and watch the plugin do the magic for you. The plugin can be extended with custom properties which allow you to tailor the animation experience to your needs.

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript

Snek Gaem

Main menu Ingame Game lost

An old popular snake game that used to be hit on old nokia 3310 devices, now with powerups!

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript

FIDIT Slayer

Main menu Loading screen Ingame 1 Ingame 2 Ingame 3

A game about revenge.

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript

3D Model Viewer

Literally a 3D Model Viewer. Select .obj, .fbx or .stl models and upload them to display and view the model in the app. Made using Three.

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript
  • Three.js